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Does anybody remember when all those peta Pokemon ask blogs popped up like in a week then they all disappeared

Lol yeah I think I remember something like that too???

Hey dudes  I have to put this blog on hiatus again.  Same reason as last time, my wrists  are screwy so I need a break from art.  We will be back  soon, but I am not sure when. But I won’t let it bum me out this time, ha ha ha. In my off time,  I’m  going to be doing   a lot more straight up writing (future plans under the cut, if anyone cares to hear).

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Some notes I like to keep in mind while drawing my petamon OC, in addition to this image

He’s very robotic when transformed, which is very frustrating to draw. But he makes up for it because his transformation sequences and time as a Ditto are a  favorite to draw in the series.

I really love the way you draw your comics and the humour you put into them because its just really good. I especially love the cool warden, they're really cool

Thank you so much!! <33 It means a lot to hear that :)

Cameos include:  master-typhlosionthe-royal-pokemonaskpokeranch, askdawnland, ask-koreanturtwigask-fairee-sylveonask-the-mightyena, ask-cinnamon-pancham, karaita's unodosdex

It was really fun drawing everyone’s characters! I’ll try to do more things like this in the future, so if you missed the deadline, don’t worry, this won’t be the last time :)

-CLOSED- I’ve got a crowd scene coming up, anyone wanna volunteer as a background character?

(This is a different crowd scene from the one I was going to draw before, because the plot changed)

Anyway down to business:

  • Reblog (with your character reference) if you want in
  • Pokemon askblogs only, no humans, fakemon or legendaries (but if you wanna signal boost, that’d be great!)
  • Must be cool with getting Petamon “accessories” (cuts, bruises, docked ears, lost sense of purpose, etc.)
  • Ends at 4:30 central time, whether I get 3 or 8103443908 I’ll draw u all cause I love u, but that’s the deadline cause I don’t wanna sit around all day waiting.

((with scenes partially taken from this post, credit to full-on-zombie for the original art))

((The giveaway’s been drawn! hamsterchihuahua is the winner if they respond  :) Thank you to everyone who entered. ))